About Our Company

Palisades is a professional services company. We partner with government agencies and commercial companies to deliver and sustain transformation initiatives that drive authentic business change.

Our success is achieved by bringing together and coordinating talented consultants with the considerable domain expertise necessary to help navigate the digital journey in ways that mitigate risk, grasp opportunities, and work collaboratively with stakeholders to improve user experience and create lasting value.

Established in 2021, Palisades has quickly grown its reputation for delivering quality outcomes to its customers and consultants. Service rests at the heart of our value proposition as we elevate the employee experience and create effective workplace communities for consultants and our customers alike. Mutual trust and respect guide our actions and behaviours professionally and personally.

We recognise that relationship and personalisation matter. Agile and flexible access to skilled multi-disciplinary teams is necessary to deliver and sustain digital outcomes. The same quality of service is also essential in managing and supporting consultants working alongside our customers.

Our key capabilities include Information Technology, Operational Technology and Project Services across service sectors, including Defence and National Security, Finance and Banking, Health, Mining, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure Management, Retail and Tourism.

Our Leadership

The Palisades team is a highly skilled and practical group of professionals that pride themselves on delivering to strengthen the business needs of customers.


Jane Diedricks

Jane is an experienced lawyer with specialisation in operational management, human resources and workplace relations advisory in both the private and public sectors.


Jodine Bishop

Jodine is a business leader with substantive experience in delivering and sustaining IT and OT transformation initiatives in both the domestic and international markets.


Anu Ananth

Anu is a talent management specialist with experience working with executives in IT, OT and Project Services disciplines to coordinate and assemble effective teams.