How we help you to Build and Augment Organisational Capability

Our Core Values

At the core of our culture is a commitment to drive excellence in everything we do.

The Palisades ethos is fostered through relationships and personalisation across the engagement life cycle of our customers and consultants.

We believe our people and customers must feel respected, honoured, receive professional advice and be treated with care.

The core values that help guide our actions and decision making are:



We choose to do what is right to help build value



We stand accountable for our actions and will work hard to gain your trust



Our quality service is built on personal respect and efficiency.



We think bravely and act boldly



We treat everyone with fairness and respect

Respect and integrity are at the heart of our values.

Palisades aims to foster and support a relationship of trust between Palisades and its clients, workplace participants and members of the community. We work to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes. We value people and their contributions to our various communities of practice.

We are committed to providing an environment that supports all workplace participants and organisations to reach their potential.

We work with our clients, side by side, in an open, transparent and genuine manner to foster inclusive and supportive environments which respect the rights of others, the diversity of our communities and encourages respectful interactions.

Our various workplace policies and actions in practice evidence these commitments.

Modern Slavery Statement

Palisades is earnest in understanding, identifying and addressing the risk of modern slavery in our business and supply chain. While we have not identified any actual or perceived threat of modern slavery, we are acutely aware of the significant impact that the COVID-19 pandemic and regional conflicts may have on the lives and livelihoods of people across the globe.

Palisades will continue to apply risk methodologies to:

  • Operationally monitor for vulnerable workers.
  • Align organisational policies and training to protect vulnerable workers.

We are committed to long-term societal change to prevent modern slavery.